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There are two types of group cruises, affinity and promotional.  Affinity groups consist of families, family reunions, clubs, companies, organizations, etc.  Promotional groups consist of group space that a travel agent reserves and then tries to fill with people who may or may not know each other.

There are several advantages to booking a group cruise.  In most cases, depending on the cruise line, you are allowed to hold space without a deposit for several months while you try to get your group together.  If you are using me as your travel agent, I would be the one sending all of the information to your family or group members and collecting deposits, making the reservations, etc.

Cruises are a great place to hold a family reunion and it is a unique experience for everyone.  It's fun to meet people that you may have never met or have not seen in several years.  Cruises are also a great place to hold a company meeting or incentive trip.  Do you have a club or organization that you belong to that is thinking about taking a trip together?  Why not take a cruise?  Almost all cruise ships have meeting room facilities on board that allow you to hold seminars, etc.

The minimum number of staterooms required for group benefits and pricing is normally 8, but some cruise lines allow you to have as few as 5 and still get the benefits.  The earlier that you book the group space, i.e., a year in advance, the better pricing and benefits you receive.  Each group cruise is assigned a different number of amenity points and these points can be used to offer shipboard credit, free gifts, etc.  As the group organizer, you may even get a portion of your cruise for free!  Most cruise lines offer a free "bed (berth)" for a certain number of berths booked.

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